Company History

Learn about the history of Blackwood Capital AG

From an initial vision to a fully operational fiduciary provider within two years. Accompany us on our journey, see where we came from and read about where we are going.


Blackwood was founded by two partners in Zug Switzerland. To this day, nothing has changed regarding ownership.

15 May 2020

Rigistrasse 2, 6300nZug

Zug Office

Moved into a bigger and representative office at Rigistrasse 3, only one block away from our initial office.

05 Mai 2022

New Office, Rigistrasse 3

Acquisition Bürgenstock Finanz

Blackwood acquired a 100% Stake in the fiduciary comapny Bürgenstock Finanz AG, taking over all client relationships.

02 June 2022

Zug, Switzerland

London Office

Blackwood now reachable at a representative address in London, ready to expand further.

14 November

7 Bell Yard, London, UK

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